Thanks for the Endorsement! Tom Coale

Thank you Tom Coale, as someone who has worked for years to improve historic Ellicott City, this means a lot to our campaign.

“I am supporting Courtney Watson for House of Delegates 9B because she has the experience, dedication, and know-how to build coalitions and get things done in Annapolis. From President Trump to the talking heads on television, political experience has been maligned as something we should avoid in our elected officials. As a result, we’ve had the great misfortune of seeing what happens when inexperienced people get put in positions of responsibility. If we want change, we need someone who has experience creating it. If we want women’s rights to be protected, we need a woman leader who knows what’s at stake. If we want a better Ellicott City, we need someone who has already been in the ring fighting for us. I support Courtney because she is a powerhouse for change; not just in what she says, but in what she has already done.” - Tom Coale

#MDPolitics #Endorsement #HoCoMD #9B #WatsonHester #Stronger9B #Maryland #HowardCounty #CourtneyWatson

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