eNews: Honoring Veterans, Standing Coffee Date, and More

October 2017, Issue #2 Veterans Day Did you know that Maryland is home to 400,000 veterans, including 20,000 who live in Howard County? We honor their sacrifices every day, but especially on Veterans Day. In 2011, Councilman Greg Fox and I sponsored legislation to create the Commission for Veterans and Military Families in Howard County with the intent to address veterans' issues in an effective and efficient manner. There is still much to do to meet the needs of veterans and their families, and I am committed to ensuring their access to healthcare, especially now in our uncertain healthcare climate. Learn more about the Commission and their work on these and other issues. Join us in honori

eNews: A Successful Kickoff!

October 2017, Issue #1 Thank you to everyone who attended my official campaign kickoff on October 4th at Kelsey's Restaurant. Special thanks to Rich Corkran, Tom Coale, Candace Dodson-Reed, and Angie Tersiguel for sharing stories of our work together over the years to make the community a better place. Some of the memories shared: Championing the Brampton Hills/New Cut Road traffic light, which was installed in 2014 and greatly improved safety on Montgomery Road. My time as a Council Member working with citizens in a case in front of the Public Service Commission to gain power reliability improvements from BG&E. Tom and Angie shared their stories about the 60-day flood clean up supply donati

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