This Week in Annapolis

Crossover Complete Crossover week was busy with multiple voting sessions per day in order to move as many bills as possible from the House to the Senate by the deadline of Monday March 18th. As long as bills are sent to the Senate before that deadline, they are guaranteed a hearing before the appropriate subcommittee in the Senate and a chance to be passed by the full Senate. The MD General Assembly has passed some bills in both the House and the Senate and have sent those to the Governor to sign. Governor Hogan has six business days to decide whether to sign, let the bill become law without his signature, or veto. The bills that have been sent include: HB 336 Federal Shutdown and Paychec

Happy Maryland Day!

Happy Maryland Day! Our state turns 385 today. Here are some upcoming Maryland Day celebrations and events: #Maryland #mdga19 #HowardCounty #working4md

Down Syndrome Awareness Day

It’s Down Syndrome Awareness Day in Annapolis. I met some wonderful advocates earlier and am grateful for all those who support people with Down’s. #mdga2019 #working4you #working4md #mdga19

Advocating for Our Environment

Thanks League of Conservation Voters for your strong advocacy for our environment: "This week, these nineteen members took votes to increase renewable energy, invest in the clean energy economy, and protect our climate! THANK YOU to our sponsors Senator Brian Feldman and Delegate Cheryl D. Glenn, as well as Senator Delores G. Kelley, Malcolm Augustine, Senator Pam Beidle, Senator Joanne C. Benson, SenatorAntonio Hayes, Senator Kathy Klausmeier, Senator Ben Kramer, Lorig Charkoudian for Delegate,Delegate Brian M. Crosby, Delegate Kathleen M. Dumais, Delegate Diana Fennell, Delegate Rick Impallaria, Lily Qi for State Delegate, Delegate Pam Queen, Mike Rogers- Delegate for District 32, Delegate

Public Education Policy

Good editorial in Sun regarding how the House of Delegates is moving forward on public education policy: “The House is right in showing a sense of urgency about moving forward with Kirwan. Every year that passes is another lost opportunity for Maryland’s students. Kids don’t get a second chance. Yes, full Kirwan implementation will require sacrifices that we haven’t fully appreciated yet, but that’s no reason not to move forward with what we can.”#working4you #mdga2019 #mdga19 #working4md #Education

Standing in Solidarity

When hatred comes armed, it is deadly. We stand with New Zealand, unified against hate in all its forms. #mdga19 #working4md #Solidarity #GunViolence #MuslimCommunity #NewZealand

HB 428 Will Provide $5 Million to Help Towns Like Ellicott City Fight Flooding

HB 428, my bill to provide $5 million a year to help towns like Ellicott City fight flooding passed the House of Delegates this morning 106-31! Looking for cross file Senate Bill to also pass this week. Katie Fry Hester, Maryland Senate D9 is working hard to make that happen. Thank you Howard County Executive Calvin Ball for strong testimony on the bill that helped it pass. #working4you #mdga2019 #HowardCounty #mdga19 #ECStrong #HoCoMD #EllicottCity #working4md

Special Olympian Visit

Enjoyed meeting Special Olympian Justin Hunsinger who was in Annapolis to promote The Special Olympics. His Aunt Cindy works in our office. Proud of all of our athletes. Learn more at #mdga19 #working4md

Two Bills That Will Help Howard County

Yesterday the House of Delegates passed two bills that will help the Howard County School Board have more control over the termination of superintendents and allow the taxpayers to have more control over the financial settlement made with a terminated superintendent. HB 238 which Delegate Vanessa Atterberry sponsored, and HB 330 which Delegate Miller sponsored, and I cosponsored, were a direct result of our experience with a former HCPSS superintendent. My hope is that we never need this legislation, but just in case, we will have it available. #mdga19 #working4md #hocomd

March for Our Schools

Thousands of educators are in Annapolis tonight for a rally to fight for funding for schools. Biggest rally this year by far. #MarchForOurSchools#FundOurSchools #working4you #mdga2019 #mdga19 #hocomd #Education #working4md

International Women's Day

It's International Women's Day! A time to reflect with gratitude upon women pioneers of the past, celebrate women visionaries of today, and work together for the women changemakers of tomorrow, so together, we can build the future we hope for - for all of our daughters. #iwd2019 #mdga19 #working4md #WomensRights

Irish Flags Line My Walk to the Statehouse Today

Irish flags line my walk to the Statehouse today. Annapolis celebrates the rich history of immigrants from Ireland, including Charles Carroll, original signer is the Dec of Independence who lived in what is now Howard County. #mdga19 #working4md

House Caucus 2019 Digital Champ!

Thanks to my followers for making me the “Freshman Digital Champ”. The more we post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the more you know what goes on during the legislative session. #sunlight #working4you #mdga19 #mdga19 #hocomd #working4md #socialmedia

Kirwan Commission Recommendations

This is a big day for public education in Maryland. The Speaker of the House is holding a press conference this morning to introduce the first phase of the Kirwan Commission recommendations - House Bill 1413. There are some very exciting initial initiatives including a match for teacher raises of 1.5% as long as the county funds 3%. Also, the funding of mental/behavioral health coordinators for each school system, increases funding for special education, and full day K for 4 year olds. More details in the summary below. Feel free to share. #Blueprint4MD #Working4MD #mdga19 #working4md #HowardCounty

Information From My Latest eNewsletter "This Week in Annapolis"

Information from my latest eNewsletter, "This Week in Annapolis". Are you receiving it? Contact to get on the list! Halfway Mark in Annapolis! February 23rd was the halfway mark of the legislative session, and I’m preparing for the very busy second half which will include daily voting sessions on the House floor and in the Economic Matters (ECM) Committee. We’ve had long hearings in ECM, listening to testimony on minimum wage (expect a vote in the House soon), allowing cellular companies to circumvent local zoning laws for 5G cellular equipment installation, and modernizing brewery laws, among other topics. I was appointed to the Minimum Wage Workgroup for the House

It's Read Across America Day

It’s Read Across America Day and legislators are donating books to the Cat in the Hat for schools across the state. My mother always said her library card was her most prized possession. #mdga19 #working4md

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