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Social media is a great resource to reach people where they are, promote dialogue, and provide transparency about the work taking place in Annapolis. Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news and information that affects Howard County. And, I hope you will help me spread the word about my social media pages as a resource - thanks in advance your help! TWITTER: @courtneywatson1 FACEBOOK: @courtneywatsonhoco INSTAGRAM: @courtneywatsonhoco #mdga19 #working4MD #mdga19 #hocomd #HowardCounty #working4md

Discussing Raising the Minimum Wage

As I prepare for a discussion within my committee (Economic Matters) on raising the minimum wage, I have read the testimony of hundreds of people, businesses, and organizations presented at the eight hour hearing a couple of weeks ago. I have also met with people from all sides of the issue and have more meetings this week. The federal minimum wage was last raised in 2009 and remains at $7.25. Inaction on the federal level is what led to states increasing it and the MD wage... #mdga19

Highlights of Annapolis

My Chairperson Del Derrick Davis testifies before us (Econ Matters) on HB 653, the bill he is sponsoring to do w alternate rate plans for electric and gas companies which 38 states already have. Not every day we get to pepper him w questions. #Working4MD @mdhousedems

Howard County Pages in Annapolis

Fantastic to have Yabing Yang from @hcpss_mrhs who is a page this week in Annapolis. So proud of our @HCPSS students @mjmsuper #Working4MD #mdga19 #hocomd #HowardCounty #HoCoMD #working4md

Howard County Arts Advocates Visited Us in Annapolis

Howard County Arts advocates visited us in Annapolis. We know how important the arts are in #hocomd which is why we have a public art requirement for buildings in downtown Columbia. #mdga19 #working4md #hocomd #mdga19 #HoCoMD #HowardCounty #Arts

Discussing the 2019 Legislative Session on Comcast Newsmakers

"Yolanda Vazquez talks with Maryland State Delegate from District 9B, Courtney Watson. They discuss the 2019 Legislative Session and how it’s going so far this year. They also Ellicott Flood Mitigation, and School Calendar." #MDGA19 #Working4MD https://comcastnewsmakers.com/Vide…/2019/2/…/School-Calendar #mdga19

Howard County Delegation of the Maryland General Assembly to Hold a Public Hearing for Citizen Input

The Howard County Delegation of the Maryland General Assembly, will hold a public hearing for citizen input on statewide issues that may be considered by the legislature during the upcoming legislative session. The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, February 20, 2019 – 7:30 p.m. in the Banneker Room, George Howard Building on 3430 Courthouse Drive, Ellicott City, MD. Signup will begin at 7:00pm in the Banneker Room and will close at 7:20pm. Advance sign up is not available. You are encouraged to bring 15 – 20 copies of your testimony for the Delegation. For more information visit: https://www.howardcountymd.gov/About-HoCo/State-Delegation #hocomd #mdga19 #working4md #HowardCounty

Happy Valentines Day from Annapolis

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone in District 9. We miss our own valentines tonight, but are doing important work for Howard County and Maryland! #working4MD #NewYearNewNine #Mdga19 Maryland Senate Democrats Katie Fry Hester, Maryland Senate D9 Maryland House Democrats #hocomd #mdga19 #Hester #HoCoMD #HowardCounty #working4md

Testifying About Allowing Local School Boards to Establish School Calendars

Thank you HCPSS Superintendent Dr. Michael Martirano @mjmsuper for testifying with me today for HB 591 allowing the @hcpss Board of Education the ability to set start and end dates of the school year. @mdhcea @PTACHC @vickycutroneo @sabina_taj @chaowu2016 #mdg2019 #working4MD #hocomd #mdga19 #MDPolitics #HoCoMD #working4md #Education #HowardCounty

Celebrating Black History Month

It’s #blackhistorymonth - share a fact and help celebrate the many contributions of Maryland’s African American leaders! @AfAmCoalition @HCNAACPYouth @hccommitment #working4MD #hocomd #mdga19 #HoCoMD #HowardCounty #working4md #BlackHistoryMonth

Honoring Trailblazing Women in Maryland

At the 25th Annual Speaker’s Society Dinner tonight, I met some real women trailblazers in the House of Delegates. Elizabeth Smith was first elected in 1974 and served for 20 years. Eileen Rehrmann was first elected in 1983 and went on to become Harford County Executive. The dinner allows existing members and former members to meet each other and provides a great opportunity for the passing along of sage advice. I saw former Senator Marty Madden and former Delegate Bob Flanagan from Howard County and learned a lot from these two ladies.#Working4MD #hocomd #mdga19 #Maryland #working4md #Women #WomensRights

Remembering Victims of Domestic Violence in Annapolis

A sad and painful ceremony in Annapolis this evening to remember the 46 Marylanders who lost their lives to domestic violence. 67% of these deaths were due to guns and 35 children were left behind. One of the 46 was WLHS teacher Laura Wallen. Thank you Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence for helping us create better laws to protect victims and making sure these lost souls are remembered. #DVMemorial2019 #ItHappensHere #hocomd #mdga19 #MDPolitics #CourtneyWatson #working4md

Hearing on Raising the Minimum Wage to $15/Hour

Yesterday’s eight hour hearing on raising the minimum wage brought up some challenging issues. Some organizations that care for vulnerable people and depend on Medicaid reimbursement ( which would be lower than the proposed wage) are concerned they will not have workers because they would leave for another job which pays the new minimum wage. This includes behavioral health, in home care, and medical day care - including care of vulnerable older adults. The bill remedies part of this vast community by providing a state subsidy, but not the other parts. I believe we need to make sure we are not creating a disincentive for people to work in these critical, high need, areas. Another area of dis

Proud to Be a Co-Sponsor of Grace's Law 2.0

Proud to be a cosponsor on this bill. We must be vigilant to the harm our children can receive while using social media. Keep an eye on your child’s activities on the internet and don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Grace’s Law 2.0 will update legislation I fostered in 2013 stoping cyberbullies. Tech advances mean time to reconsider how to help victims & stop those who seek to harm children. #working4md #hocomd #mdga19 #MDPolitics #HoCoMD #working4md #Stronger9B #CourtneyWatson #HowardCounty

Minimum Wage Bill in the Economic Matters Committee in the House

We are hearing the minimum wage bill today in the Economic Matters committee in the House. Hallways are packed with people on all sides of the issue. You can watch online. #Working4MD #MDGA19 #hocomd #mdga19 #MDPolitics #HoCoMD #Stronger9B #Maryland #HowardCounty

My First Bill Vote Today!

First bill vote was this morning! Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins is the sponsor of the bill which adds additional items to a reporting law for the Dept. of Corrections. @SpeakerMikeBusch reminded us freshman that “green is for yes and red is for no”. Thanks Coach! #Working4MD #hocomd #mdga19 #MDPolitics #HoCoMD #working4md

Environmental Issues Heard in Annapolis

Nick from the student group “Baltimore Beyond Plastic” spoke at the Environmental Summit today. His group helped pass environmental legislation in the city and are now in Annapolis to lobby statewide for a foam free MD. #Working4MD #hocomd #mdga19 #NextGeneration #MDPolitics #HoCoMD #HowardCounty

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