Tree of Life

I attended a very moving vigil for Tree of Life at Beth Shalom Congregation tonight. Faith leaders of all faiths from around the county joined together and a candle was lit for each victim of the tragedy as their names were read. 700 people squeezed into the main room and an overflow room. People lined the walls and sat in the aisles. At the end of the vigil the Rabbi told us that there were several hundred more people outside the building. A very moving moment when we exited the building to see a huge crowd outside singing - unified against hate.

Howard County Muslim Council GOTV

Howard County Muslim Council GOTV rally this morning started with a moment of silence for our Jewish brothers and sisters. As Senator Ben Cardin and Calvin Ball said so eloquently, we must all root out hate in our deeds and in our words and bring this country together. #Vote Howard County Muslim Council (HCMC)

Beautiful Diwali Festival

Big crowd at the Diwali Festival tonight. Thank you IONHoCo for bringing people together to celebrate lightness over darkness.

Dream Team - Thank You!

It’s the night before Early Vote, a time to reflect how far we have come. I want to extend a big thank you to Sean Ford and Jennifer Silver Cavey for being the dream team of fieldwork in 9B. They do the blocking and tackling of the campaign, they make sure we have boots on the ground, turfs to knock, signs to place, and voters to call. I absolutely could not do this without this #dreamteam and all of our dedicated volunteers. Thank you and let’s finish strong! David Ryan Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz Mary Catherine Matthew Bacon Sampson Wendy J. Royalty Laurie Susan LiskinJoanne Locke Dylan Goldberg Jeremy Baker Katie Doherty Mettle Michael Parrish Beth Dixon Connor Okonski, Temrah M #stronger9B

Great Weekend Talking to Voters!

Morning canvass today - wow! Liz Walsh for Howard County Council, District 1 Calvin Ball Katie Fry Hester, Maryland Senate D9 Thank you volunteers!

Proud to be a Prescription Drug Affordability Candidate

The cost of prescription drugs is out of control, and now makes up 1/3 of the cost of healthcare. People should not have to choose between life saving drugs and feeding their families. I support the creation of a Maryland Prescription Affordability Board and will fight to make high cost prescription drugs more affordable for Marylanders.

Thank You for Your Support, Emily's List!

Thank you Emily's List - a fierce advocacy organization for women and girls, for your endorsement. "Courtney Watson will be a fierce advocate for stronger, safer communities for Maryland families and EMILY's List is proud to stand with her," said Geri Prado, senior director of state and local campaigns at EMILY's List.

Now or Never

October 2018 Why Courtney? Comptroller Peter Franchot's words are humbling, and his support reflects on my history of carefully monitoring public budgets and making sure tax dollars are spent wisely. Thank you Comptroller Franchot! Issue Spotlight Out of Control Prescription Drug Costs When I knock on doors, I hear a lot about the high cost of prescription drugs. Stories of people working well into their 70s just to be able to afford their prescriptions are not uncommon, and some must choose between prescriptions and groceries. The rising cost of prescription drugs is a major contributor to high healthcare premiums for everyone. CareFirst says 1/3 of health insurance premiums now go toward p

Less Than 30 Days

Thank you to everyone for hitting the streets this weekend for Team Watson! Join us next weekend - less than 30 days to go!

Knock with us this Saturday, 10/6!

Knock on doors w/us this Saturday, 10/6 in Ellicott City for @courtneywatson1 @katiefryhester & the Dem Courthouse Team: Rich Gibson, Marcus Harris, Byron Macfarlane & Wayne Robey for their Day of Action! We are partnering w/@katiefryhester's Working Women Canvass. Sign up here:

Endorsed by President Obama!

Big News! I’ve just received an endorsement from President Obama in my race for the Maryland House of Delegates, Howard County 9B. Having our race recognized by President Obama – who once himself served in his state legislature – is absolutely huge. People all over the country are recognizing how important this election is, and they’re excited to flip this state seat 9B, and make a difference for our country on the local level by changing things from the ground up. President Obama knows exactly how important it is to protect health care, fund our public schools, and help the environment. With your help and support, in the state legislature I’ll continue to fight for our community – because i

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