Endorsement of the Week: Ken Ulman

Thank you Ken Ulman, former Howard County Executive for your support! "Courtney Watson, a true partner in progress for Howard County, is the most qualified and effective candidate in the race for House of Delegates 9B. She will speak powerfully for Ellicott City in Annapolis. Her experience working to improve public education in Howard County is unparalleled, as an activist, a school board member, and a county councilmember. This experience will be particularly important as the General Assembly implements the recommendations of the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education in 2019. As the 2006-2014 County Executive who led rapid government innovation on the local level with initia

She's Mom to Me - Happy Mother's Day!

She's worn more hats than I can count: community leader, member of the Board of Education, Councilwoman, Orioles fan, candidate, friend, and state coordinator for Hillary Clinton. But to me, she's Mom. Having Courtney Watson as my Mom has taught me so many things about life. She raised me to be grateful for what I have, and to work hard for what I want. Those lessons have stayed with me. I know that if my Mom is elected to the Maryland House of Delegates, she will continue to work hard, providing a stronger voice for Ellicott City, Howard County, and Maryland. In just 60 hours-on Tuesday May 15 at midnight-my Mom's campaign will reach a crucial campaign finance deadline. Can you support my

By The Numbers - Can I Count on Your Support?

37 days until early voting. 49 days until Primary Election Day. 5,000 doors knocked. 10 endorsements . . . and counting! $7,695 dollars left to raise before May 15 at midnight (my next campaign finance deadline!) Can I count on your support? With it, I will make an immediate impact in the House of Delegates and get things done for Ellicott City. Contributions can be made securely online here, or you can send a check (please date before the 15th!) to Friends of Courtney Watson, PO Box 1442, Ellicott City, MD 21041. Any amount you can give will help me raise $7,695 before the deadline. Thank you for your friendship and your confidence in my leadership. Courtney Watson Candidate for Maryland's

On the Campaign Trail

From the NAACP breakfast at 9 am, to a steeplechase race fundraiser, to end the day with a cinco de mayo house party by a dear friend....another busy weekend in May on the campaign trail. Couldn’t be more fun! #Endorsement #newyearnewnine #HoCoMD #9B #EllicottCity #Stronger9B #HouseParty

Thank You, League of Conservation Voters!

I am humbled to receive the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters for Maryland State Delegate 9B. LCV is one of the most respected environmental advocacy groups in the state. As a local councilperson, I helped create sound environmental policies for Howard County including the addition of hybrid buses, green building requirements, incentives for installation of solar panels, preservation of hundreds of acres of open space and farm land. We added curbside composting and increased recycling and had a local climate action plan. Becoming a state delegate will allow me to apply this experience on the state level. Time is short, and environmental sustainability is not optional. It will

Humbled to Receive These Endorsements

I am humbled to have received these important endorsements. From teachers in Howard County and the Howard County Education Association, Maryland League of Conservation Voters, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and the Maryland/DC AFL-CIO, to all three Howard County Democratic Clubs ... the support from these important groups underscore the wide variety of issues that I will fight for on behalf of Howard County and Maryland. I look forward to seeing you at the polls for the Democratic Primary on 6/26! Don’t forget - Early Voting begins 6/14 and you can vote early until 6/21. Thanks for all the support!

Another Night at the Doors

Another night at the doors, more heartbreaking conversations. The hardest are with people in their 80s who are anxious about the state of our country, but feel helpless to do anything about it. I tell them not to lose hope, there are many people working to change things for the better. The signs alone in this Ellicott City neighborhood speak to how people are feeling. And the #petsof9B always make people feel better. #stronger9B

Weekend With Watson, May 19-20, Join Us!

Join us for Volunteer Appreciation Weekend and one of several activities May 19-20 as we head into the last month of the primary campaign. Meet special guests throughout the weekend, compete in contests for bragging rights, and kick back and enjoy fare by Chef Watson at the cookout! See link for details and to sign up: http://bit.ly/2HUmQHn

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