A BIG WIN - 57% of the Vote!

Wow, what a night! The thrill of victory is always sweeter when you know the agony of defeat. I am honored to have won the race to represent Howard County, District 9B, in the Maryland State Legislature. This journey began more than a year ago and I am grateful to so many of who rolled up their sleeves and became an integral part of my campaign, and our big win last night: Thank you to our amazing team - the countless hours of planning, vision, wisdom, and execution carried me - and us - to victory and I will be forever grateful. Special thanks to Jenn Cavey and Sean Ford for their daily work on this campaign. To the many businesses that supported our campaign - by hosting events, publicly s

The Night Before Election Day

The Election is tomorrow! A look back at the past year - and a big THANK YOU to our volunteers! Please vote - see you at the polls! #newyearnewnine

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