eNews: A Successful Kickoff!

October 2017, Issue #1

Thank you to everyone who attended my official campaign kickoff on October 4th at Kelsey's Restaurant. Special thanks to Rich Corkran, Tom Coale, Candace Dodson-Reed, and Angie Tersiguel for sharing stories of our work together over the years to make the community a better place. Some of the memories shared:

  • Championing the Brampton Hills/New Cut Road traffic light, which was installed in 2014 and greatly improved safety on Montgomery Road.

  • My time as a Council Member working with citizens in a case in front of the Public Service Commission to gain power reliability improvements from BG&E.

  • Tom and Angie shared their stories about the 60-day flood clean up supply donation and distribution drive that I organized with other volunteers during the 2016 flood.

The kickoff was a "pay what you can" event because I wanted to be sure everyone could attend, regardless of financial circumstances. I am very grateful for the donations that came in the door, as running campaigns do cost money.

If you would like to donate, please visit my website. A new feature on the donation page is an option to donate by credit card on a monthly basis (duration and amount is your choice).

Welcome Georgia Grace Cafe

It's very exciting to have a new cafe on Main Street, especially one that is owned and operated by a resident of Ellicott City and 9B! In the aftermath of the flood, it's critical to have this influx of business to help our economy and create jobs. While chatting with the owner, Paula Dwyer, I learned this has been a life-long dream for her. And, after bringing home pastries, the word from my husband was "these are the real deal."

Please join me in welcoming Georgia Grace Cafe by visiting this quick service, upscale spot with its fantastic European-inspired menu with Greek influences. And be sure to check out the restrooms!

Learn more about my position on jobs and the economy.

Let's Take Action Together!

Now, more than ever, I feel passionate about protecting and improving our community and that is why I am running to be your state delegate. As your representative in Annapolis, I can do more to help strengthen our public school system, protect our access to health insurance, meet the challenges of opioid addiction and mental health services, and safeguard our precious environment. I will put my experience to work for you on these and other challenges with my proven, practical, problem-solving approach. Together, we can take action and forge a path of progress for our community. I invite you to share your ideas, concerns, and feedback with me - let's take action together! What are your concerns?

Volunteer with Team Watson

I have the most incredible group of volunteers, and I'd love to have you join the team. Sign up to join our volunteer email list. Volunteer Coordinator, Jenn Cavey will send you a regular email about fun opportunities to volunteer - and you'll learn more about our upcoming volunteer appreciation wine tasting night at Petite Cellars where you can meet other volunteers and learn the variety of ways you can help. The fellowship among the people committed to this campaign is very special - join us!

Upcoming Events:

Walking for Watson - Weekend Volunteers

Join us this coming weekend as we canvass. We'll be knocking on doors for several hours on Saturday and Sunday. Contact Jenn Cavey for more information and to donate your time - thank you!

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