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Endorsement of the Week: Wendy Moomaw

Thanks for the endorsement, Wendy!

I have known Courtney for nearly 20 years with the majority of those years in her role as a public servant. Courtney evaluates community problems from an analytical perspective, using data and facts to develop her positions. Courtney is an excellent listener and willing to work with others to co-create an innovative solution that solves issues in her community. As a member of the Board of Education, she listened to my unique comprehensive shared use solution that proposed an elementary school on the north side of Montgomery Road. Several public servants ignored my request for a meeting and Courtney heard my plan as well shared insights which made the solution even stronger. This grassroots citizen idea became Veterans Elementary School and opened to 988 children in 2007.

Courtney's integrity is unwavering and both her community and the state of Maryland would be well-served with her voice in the Maryland House.

She has my full support.

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