Issue Spotlight: Gun Violence

Issue Spotlight: Gun Violence.

Parkland, Florida. (photo credit: Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz)

In the past ten days, the number one issue that voters mention to me as I knock on doors is gun violence. Voters are sick with the thought of another tragic school shooting as happened in Parkland, Florida. I attended a meeting of Marylanders Against Gun Violence in Columbia a couple of days after the incident, and there were three times more people there than expected. Perhaps now, buoyed by the bravery and courage of student survivors as they demand change, we can secure meaningful improvements in our gun safety laws.

While Maryland has some of the stronger state laws in the country, we can do more. There are too many loopholes that allow weapon types and gadgets like bump stocks that are designed to maximize the number of bullets fired. We should have red flag laws in Maryland that keep guns from people who have a history of threats. Why shouldn't Maryland lead the way by having the very strongest state laws to protect our citizens against gun violence? Learn more about gun safety policy.

I will be a strong voice as your state delegate to accomplish this with my peers.

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