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eNews: Happy Holidays!

December 2017, Issue #6

Happy Holidays!

At this special time of year, when we pause to spend time with our families and celebrate the holidays, Richard and I send you our very best wishes for peace, health, and happiness. We are a community of hope, kindness, and love and we will continue to advance our shared values with continued hard work in 2018. We thank you for being with us!

Why Courtney? Endorsement of the Week: Ken Stevens "I've been heavily involved in Democratic politics in Howard County for 56 years. It is with that experience that I have chosen to endorse Courtney Watson for the Delegate 9B race. I've watched Courtney and her work in public service for over a decade. I believe because of her long and successful tenure serving our community that she is the only person in the race that will be able to unseat the strong Republican incumbent."

On the Trail Highlights

It's a wonderful time of year! Area Democratic clubs celebrated the holidays with a party at Ridgley's Run Community Center with over 200 people attending. I was happy to participate in a candidate fair with Together We Will and Do The Most Good last Sunday night.

On Tuesday, I had the privilege of talking to students at the Centennial High School Young Democrats Club. These students are up to date on current issues such as net neutrality, sexual harassment, and climate change. One impressive group of young people!

Join Me!

House Parties. What's fun when it's cold and dark outside? Hosting a house party for your neighbors and friends! I have had many great group discussions at neighborhood house parties. Each host has been very pleased with the level of interaction and engagement at these intimate events. I encourage you to sign up to host a house party in January or February: my team will assist you every step of the way. Please contact Jenn Cavey to learn more.

Coffee In January. Our Coffee with Courtney dates in November were a big success. Each Thursday we had voters stop by to talk about their concerns. We will do this again in January. Join me every Thursday in January at 10am at Cafe EZ, 3290 N. Ridge Road, Ellicott City. It's your chance to ask me questions and let me know what's on your mind. Just stop by, no reservations necessary. I look forward to seeing you!

Walking for Watson. Join the Watson and Hester teams for the first canvass of the year on Saturday, January 6th at 10 a.m. We will all be in one area of the district, and you will be paired with a partner. Our goal is to have 18 to 20 doorknockers that day (2018!). When you finish the route, meet up with other doorknockers for refreshments. Help us start out 2018 with a bang! Please contact Jenn Cavey for more information.

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