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She's Mom to Me - Happy Mother's Day!

She's worn more hats than I can count: community leader, member of the Board of Education, Councilwoman, Orioles fan, candidate, friend, and state coordinator for Hillary Clinton.

But to me, she's Mom.

Having Courtney Watson as my Mom has taught me so many things about life.

She raised me to be grateful for what I have, and to work hard for what I want. Those lessons have stayed with me.

I know that if my Mom is elected to the Maryland House of Delegates, she will continue to work hard, providing a stronger voice for Ellicott City, Howard County, and Maryland.

In just 60 hours-on Tuesday May 15 at midnight-my Mom's campaign will reach a crucial campaign finance deadline.

Can you support my Mom with a $10 donation now to help her work hard for our neighbors in Ellicott City?

Contributions can be made securely online here, or you can send a check (please date before the 15th!) to Friends of Courtney Watson, PO Box 1442, Ellicott City, MD 21041.

I hope you can give $10​, but any amount you can give will help my Mom raise the remaining $5,635 she needs before the deadline.

Thanks-and Happy Mother's Day!

Elizabeth Watson

Courtney's Daughter

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