Your Howard County District 9B Team

I’m so proud of the District 9B team - Terry Chaconas and Cindy Scruggs. They are answering calls and emails (lots of emails!), making sure the bills and amendments are filed, training interns, and providing tremendous support to your Delegate.

Fun fact - although they did not know each other until last year, they both won the “Friends of Education Award” from the Howard County Board of Education in different years in the past. You can see their twin awards on the wall between their desks.

They have each advocated over the years for children in Howard County. #awesometeam #stronger9b #working4md #mdga2020 — at Maryland House of Delegates.

#Working4MD #MDGA2020 #Stronger9B #HoCoMD #HowardCounty #9B

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