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Economic Matters Committee Tour

As part of an Economic Matters Committee tour today, I visited a six year old distillery in St. Michael’s, one of only a few in Maryland owned by a woman, Lyon Distilling Company.

Just four years ago, there were only a handful of craft distilleries and now there are 30 in operation or planning to open in the next year. Lyon made the first Rye whiskey in MD in over 40 years, but their very successful specialty is Young American Rum for which they won 2nd Best Craft Rum Distillery in the U.S.

Lyon and it’s partner distillery, Gray Wolf Craft Distilling (vodka, gin, and agave), employ 20 people.

Laws were passed by the General Assembly to give distilleries flexibility in tasting room operations and the ability to sell at festivals and farmers markets which has fueled the growth of the craft distilling industry - more jobs, locally sourced spirits, and economic growth. Lyon Distilling Company Gray Wolf Craft Distilling.

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