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Now or Never

October 2018

Why Courtney?

Comptroller Peter Franchot's words are humbling, and his support reflects on my history of carefully monitoring public budgets and making sure tax dollars are spent wisely. Thank you Comptroller Franchot!

Issue Spotlight

Out of Control Prescription Drug Costs

When I knock on doors, I hear a lot about the high cost of prescription drugs. Stories of people working well into their 70s just to be able to afford their prescriptions are not uncommon, and some must choose between prescriptions and groceries. The rising cost of prescription drugs is a major contributor to high healthcare premiums for everyone. CareFirst says 1/3 of health insurance premiums now go toward prescription drugs.

The Washington Post reported that big pharmaceutical companies spend more on advertising than on research - in many cases, twice as much. I believe a fair profit is reasonable, but not price gouging.

I support the Prescription Drug Affordability Initiative which advocates for a new prescription Drug Affordability Board in Maryland. This board would establish payment rates for high-cost drugs, and would examine the entire drug supply chain for efficiencies, including the roles of manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers. This is a major policy difference between my opponent and me, as he voted against the Prescription Drug Price Gouging legislation in 2017 in Maryland, and has not supported the Drug Affordability Board for 2019.

It's pretty simple - to decrease the cost of health care and the burden on each and every family, we must take strong action to eliminate price gouging by big pharmaceutical companies.

Volunteer Fun - You Are Needed in the Home Stretch!

Now is the time. Wake up the day after the election proud of all you did to help elect candidates that share your values! Join the many volunteers working all over District 9 to help us win.

If you are able to volunteer, or just want to see what the options are, please sign up and Jenn Cavey will be in touch with all the different things you can do to help. We have something for everyone.

If you know you would like to work the polls during Early Vote, sign up for a slot that works for your schedule.

Visit my website for more information about the campaign.

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