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We Must Elect People Who We Know Will Fight for Our Values


​Under the current Administration, women's rights are under attack - be it women's healthcare, civil rights, equal pay, violence toward women or reproductive rights.

And we must elect people who we know will fight for our values.

I am one of them.

I have fought hard for women's rights my entire career in public service, including:

  • Providing Howard County funding to continue women’s health planning when there was a cut in state funding to the Health Department;

  • Helping to create the "Healthy Howard" program that helped cover uninsured county residents;

  • Convening a human trafficking workgroup that resulted in legislation to break down governmental silos and provide tools to help women being trafficked;

  • Funding additional positions in the domestic violence unit of the Howard County Police Department; and

  • Always having been a strong, public, and effective pro-choice advocate.

In fact, I am the only candidate in this campaign endorsed by Maryland NARAL, and I truly appreciate their strong support.

"NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland PAC is excited to endorse Courtney Watson for Delegate in District 9B, Howard County. Courtney believes strongly in women's rights which is clear from her prolific record of action for equality and empowerment. Her leadership at the local level has resulted in increased access to healthcare and stronger policies protecting women and families. The decision to endorse Courtney is an easy one. She is the only consistently pro-choice candidate in the primary and the general election and we look forward to working with her in Annapolis!" - Mark Stover, NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland PAC Chair

And, I value the support from friends and supporters who have stood side by side with me in the trenches:

"Our rights are currently being threatened. Now, more than ever, we need fearless advocates for women's rights - for our wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, friends ... for us. Please vote for Courtney Watson, Delegate 9B." - Wendy Royalty, Past Chair, NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland

As our next Delegate, I will:

  • Continue to fight for women's reproductive rights - as I have done my entire career.

  • Oppose any effort to defund Planned Parenthood, or restrict women's ability to make their own health care and contraception decisions.

  • Stand up to attacks on women's rights across the board, including healthcare, civil rights, equal pay, violence toward women or reproductive rights - whether they come from Washington, or right here in Maryland.

Please come out to the polls this Tuesday, June 26, and vote for me for Maryland Delegate, 9B.

​Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions - see you Tuesday at the polls!



P.S. Learn more at

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