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Why Courtney?


Now more than ever, a newly elected state representative needs to hit the ground running. Courtney is uniquely positioned to make an impact immediately in the House of Delegates.


  • Her experience as Chairman of the Board of Education of the top performing school district in the state, means she has hired and supervised a school superintendent and was responsible for 8000 employees and 72 schools.

  • Her knowledge of a large public school system will help her educate other delegates on sensible measures to help our schools and keep unfunded mandates that affect our county schools under control.

  • Her experience on the Howard County Council, serving 50,000 constituents, included many successful outcomes to unique problems. Results included improved power reliability, new traffic lights where needed, and the prevention of a planned train-to-truck depot in a residential neighborhood.


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Courtney's record of success proves that she knows how to build coalitions and get things done.

  • Her experience going line by line through the county's $1.2 billion budget every year provides her with a keen understanding of how local government spends its money.  

  • Her legislative experience working in a bipartisan manner representing a swing district on the county council lays the groundwork for being able to help bridge the divide in Annapolis in the most polarized environment in a long time.

  • Courtney is well respected around the state as a leader. That is the reason she was selected as the president of the electoral college in 2016. This was an honor she will always cherish.  

  • Her experience, relationships, and reputation for getting things done make her the best choice for District 9B.

About Courtney


Our community needs active and engaged representation in Annapolis. It needs delegates who will work together to meet the needs of its citizens.  

Courtney Watson has unparalleled experience on the issues that matter most to Ellicott City. Courtney's standing as a pragmatic leader and her reputation for finding equitable solutions to difficult problems will allow her to "hit the ground running" in Annapolis.

As a lifelong County resident and the product of the Howard County Public Schools, Courtney has a unique understanding of local issues. And, she has an informed perspective on our business-driven local economy earned by putting herself through college, obtaining her MBA from the Loyola Sellinger School of Business and working in a career focused on protecting small businesses.


Courtney became a community activist and problem solver when her three children entered the public schools and she realized that the school system was struggling with overcrowding and frequent redistricting as a result of inadequate planning. First as an advocate and then as an elected member of the Board of Education she worked to reduce overcrowding, acquire new school sites and built six new schools. 

Courtney was elected to the Howard County Council representing Ellicott City and Elkridge. During her tenure Howard County thrived despite difficult economic times. Howard County maintained the lowest rate of unemployment and added more private sector jobs than any other county in the state. It maintained its AAA rating while leveraging new technologies and creating opportunities for workforce readiness. 

When asked why she was entering the race Courtney said, “Over the years, I've learned that my passion is solving problems for my community. I think we need people who are effective and energized, who will roll up their sleeves and work with others and, in short, get things done and I believe I'm that person for Ellicott City". 

By Authority: Friends of Courtney Watson, Kevin Doyle, Treasurer

© 2018 Friends of Courtney Watson

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