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Maryland businesses deserve an environment where they can thrive and grow.  We all win when the business community is strong. The state needs to provide a well-educated workforce, modern infrastructure and reasonable tax incentives to help stimulate growth.


As a member of the business community in Howard County, I know that a strong economy is dependent on a strong business environment. During my time on the County Council and despite difficult economic times, Howard County added more private sector jobs than any other Maryland County and our unemployment rate was the lowest in the state. We leveraged new technology like 3D Maryland which helped entrepreneurs, industry and businesses increase their competitive edge and we supported start-up business accelerators.

As your voice in Annapolis, I support:

  • Growing local centers for entrepreneurship to become the most successful entrepreneurial business incubators in the country

  • Accelerating the commercialization of technology to bring to market transferred technology with the ultimate goal of creating new jobs

  • Aggressively marketing our community as the ideal hub for cyber security, taking advantage of our proximity to the federal government’s cyber command center, our highly educated workforce and our superb public education system

  • Reducing duplicative regulatory functions through a collaborative review process

  • Renewable energy jobs and pathways to these jobs for underserved communities.

  • Tax incentives for limited periods to stimulate investment and create a positive economic impact on local businesses.

  • Expanding regional public transportation including rapid bus transit to connect key employment locations with the MARC train and commuter routes

  • Ensuring workforce readiness through expanded partnerships with the Maryland Department of Labor Licensing and Regulations Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning and with institutions of higher education such as the Howard Community College to increase workforce and job development, meet employment goals and help job seekers be prepared for emerging opportunities.

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