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I’ve worked hard to support and improve the best school system in the nation because I believe that every student deserves the opportunity to achieve success. A strong public school system is the foundation of a strong society. I am committed to strengthening our schools, removing barriers to learning, supporting our teachers and finding ways to make higher education more affordable. 
As the mother of three Howard County Public School graduates and as a graduate of Atholton High School, I know why good schools are important and that a good education opens the door for all children. As a longtime Howard County education activist, former Board of Education Chairperson and former County Council Chairperson, I’ve helped to build a school system that is second to none. Six new schools were opened during my tenure as a school board and county council member. As a stronger voice for you in Annapolis, I will work tirelessly to make sure that the state supports our goals to reach new levels of excellence and equity in instruction, programs, technology and facility planning. 

I support: 

•       Updating state school construction funding formulas to meet rising costs of building and renovating schools to reduce overcrowding, and encourage better planning by local school boards.

•       Updating state operating funding formulas to better provide equity in instruction and essentials including extended day programs and access to technology

•       Making higher education accessible and affordable for all Marylanders

•       Strengthening Maryland’s Community Colleges by expanding their programs in high-need areas such as healthcare and cybersecurity 

•       Protecting the financial and academic integrity of the University of Maryland System of higher education

•       Facilitating the success of strong and innovative public libraries

•       Improving teacher recruitment and retention by providing teachers with more support including training and ensuring that educators are valued and receive compensation that is competitive and reflects the importance of their contribution 

•       Providing educational support and services to ensure that students with disabilities maximize their learning, training, housing opportunities and career readiness

•       Expanding pre-kindergarten programs to ensure readiness for all students 

•       Ensuring top quality vocational training and career certification programs 

•       Reducing overcrowding in schools and ensuring new school construction and upgraded facilities through better planning and school site banking

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